April 22, 23, 24, 2022

You’re invited to a Stress Busting

Creativity & Mindfulness Retreat and Fundraiser for Ukrainian refugees.

Collectively, the entire world needs a break.

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We’re all tired, stressed, re-evaluating our careers, and looking for easy, practical ways to find more joyful purpose.

Entrepreneurs and workplace professionals, including everyone from those in healthcare to high-tech, coaches and online marketers, want solutions for themselves and their clients.

Join us for a fun filled, three day event that will leave you feeling refresh, energized and renewed!
You’ll learn from international authorities in the field of stress management and professional creativity experts on how to reduce stress and professional burnout using music, brain tech, creative problem solving, critical thinking processes and more!

And in the process you’ll gain new friends, knowledge and support.

The Mindful Creatives

A creative artist who jams with Grammy musicians will have you writing a new song!

A distinguished brain researcher shares the science of high-tech and happiness.

The legal eagle makes the case for proving Mindfulness Attributes match critical thinking skills.

Creativity needs stimulus and this mental health creative and coach gives you the prompts for response.

Can you picture your way out of stress? The visualization expert storyboards the process.

Feel good while doing good. An embodiment of Mindfulness is Generosity. Because of our background in working with veteran’s and caregivers with trauma and PTSD, we are making a contribution on your behalf to help the refugees who need help. Thank you for participating in this event.

This is a fundraiser and 50 percent of your ticket will be used for our program.

Tickets for the 3-day retreat are $297. including recordings and digital gifts if you can’t attend all the sessions in person.

Special Guest Appearances

Get into flow with a peaceful Qi Gong moment.

Belly laugh and shake the vagus nerve with Laughter Yoga.

Crystal bowls will align you to your energized soul.

Plus special guest meditation guides and contemplatives!

Day 1 Identifying stress From daily buildups, anxiety, mini-traumas and sadness. The Happiness Factor – Can new brain technology make us happy campers? Mindfulness and Critical Thinking – a perfect match for stress reduction.
Music and meditation techniques throughout the day.
Day 2 The Creativity Process
Tried and true problem solving techniques.
Music, creativity prompts, visualization processes.
Music and meditation techniques throughout the day.
Day 3 Integration Practices to use any time of day.
Music, Movement, Meditation, MBCT and EFT-Tapping including the science as to why they work!

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